My overall quality of health and life has improved since meeting Darina Joyce in December 2012. I want to thank you so much Darina for all your help, comfort and kindness to me. You are definately a very special person.

Kathleen Loughrea

After years of going to Doctors and specialists I got in contact with Darina Joyce, and after being with her ten minutes she was able to diagnose what my illness was. Darina provided clear helpful advice, tailored to my needs, and to my recovery. She is very easy to talk to and professional in her approach.

Darina is a totally selfless person, who is truly devoted to helping others and giving of her time and energy to anyone who needs it. I want to thank you sincerly Darina and i know you are always there if i need you.

Jason Galway

As a person with various complaints ranging from an achy back, sensitive gut to irritated mind I found Darina a godsend. Since I started following her diet / lifestyle advice I feel like a new person. Darina is very knowledgeable, trusts her instincts and cares lots about her patients. One appointment with her gave me more understanding of my problems than numerous visits with various specialists.

Maya Pankowska