Cancellation Policy

Appointments must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. If an appointmentis cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, and we are able to fill that appointment time, there will be no charge. If not, the normal fee will be charged.

Initial Consultation

The ethos of the cilnic is to treat each client's mental, physical and emotional well-being using a combination of treatments. Consultations consist of a combination of these treatments and take one hour and 20 mins and cost €150.

You will receive an in-depth iris analysis where a photograph will be taken and developed of each eye during your appointment.

From these pictures a very thorough assessment revealing your health status will be completed and discussed with you.

During this process, I will also ask you about any major illness that you've had throughout your life. This process, together with my observations about your complexion, general manner and appearance, will enable me to start forming my diagnosis.

I would then put all these factors together to form my diagnosis, which I will discuss with you, doing my best to answer any questions that you have.