Homeopathy Benefits

The advantages of Complex Homeopathy are:

  • Effective in treatment of all types of health conditions.
  • No adverse side effects.
  • No dependence or accumulation of endurance.
  • Appropriate for both children and elderly.
  • Based on natural ingredients.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

Complex Homeopathy

Complex Homeopathy, or the prescription of preparations containing several or many homeopathic remedies, can be used effectively in acute, mild ailments: hay fever, flu, indigestion, etc. This approach can also be used after exposure to various environmental pollutants.

This approach, however, is not capable of treating chronic diseases. In addition, many preparations that are recommended for these treatments often contain homeopathic remedies that are known to act at a deep constitutional level – polycrests, miasmatic nosodes, etc. These are prone to stir up deep toxic layers and produce aggravations.

I could not recommend more strongly to the practitioners to refrain from these remedies other than in cases of acute ailments or environmental intoxications, and even then to attempt through Bio-resonance testing to determine the true roots of vulnerability to acute ailments.?