Chinese Herb Benefits

Conditions that Chinese herbs treat successfully treat.:

  • Sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma.
  • Conjunctivitis and cataracts.
  • Stroke, sciatica and osteoarthritis.
  • Faster recovery from injury.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Relief from pain.
  • Strengthening of the immune system.
  • Addictions, phobias and eating disorders.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine, is based on an individualized pattern diagnosis as well as a disease diagnosis. Your pattern is made up of your signs and symptoms, and the constitution your body ( weak, strong, hot, cold, young, old etc.) Herbal treatment is designed to treat your individual pattern as well as the symptom or disease. Western medicines are prescribed for their effectiveness on a group of people with a disease, such as bronchitis. In Chinese Herbology a condition such as bronchitis can be classified and treated as one of many diseases such as Lung dry heat, Lung Hot Phlegm, Lung Cold Phlegm, Liver attacking Lung etc. and each conformation is treated differently based on the symptoms and the patients constitution.

Chinese herbal medicine includes plants and mineral ingredients. The majority of ingredients are from natural plants which include roots, stems, twigs, tubers, rhizomes, bark, leaves, flowers. There are no chemical additives involved. Each kind of herbal formula normally contains about 12 herbs, selected for their synergistic qualities. It is the selection and combination process that enables each formula to be individually designed.

Chinese herbal medicines are classified as food and they very seldom have unwanted side effects. They are a gentle treatment with gradually increasing results. However, as stated above, Chinese herbal medicines are designed for the patient's individual pattern. Even though herbs are foods the do possess strong medicinal properties, and when used incorrectly they may contribute to unwanted side effects and adverse reactions. So it is essential to get a consultation from a licensed acupuncturist or a Doctor of Oriental Medicine to make sure you can get an appropriate diagnosis and a formula of high quality that is free of additives.